8 Historical Places You Must Visit in Antalya

With the history of thousands of years old civilizations, Antalya has many ancient prospects. It might be difficult to decide on where to visit and not, which is why we've made this list of places you must visit in Antalya.

The Ancient City of Perge

The ruins of Perge, also known as Perga, are one of the oldest in the country. The once-capital of the Pamphylia region will take you back 3000 years in the past. You might be asking yourself, what can I do in Antalya? Well, exploring Perge is a great option. The bath complexes, four fountains, colonnaded streets, an agora, two basilicas, hellenistic towers, palaestras, a theater, a stadium, and a temple dedicated to Goddess Athena wait for your visit. If you really want to have a glimpse of the ancient lives that once possessed the ground of Antalya, Perge is a must to see.

Historical Aspendos

Aspendos is known for its renowned amphitheater which is in almost perfect condition. In the legend of Troy, the refugees who seek asylum end up founding Aspendos which is now a tourist attraction hosting millions of people every year. The architectural perfection of this theater still has incredible acoustics, and an inspiration to artistic halls everywhere. There's also an agora, incredible aquaducts, basilica and bouleuterion. You will feel like a local of 3000 years old while walking around Aspendos. As a culture tour in Antalya, you will be more than glad to explore this ancient city.

Old Town of Side

In southern Turkey, 60 km from Alanya, Side waits for your visit to its magnificent city. From the famous Side Archeological Museum to the Apollo Temple there are countless places to visit in Side. After witnessing the ruins of Roman-style Ancient theater you can have a break and taste the local food via the beautiful restaurants surrounding the place. You can even swim in the crystal clear waters of Side. In Old Town, there are also many shops that offer a great variety of clothes, souvenirs, jewelry and leather products. Side will excite you with its vibrant nightlife. There is always an activity to do. Locals and tourists alike enjoy spending time here in the evening.

The Life of Antalya, Kaleici

Kaleici has everything you can ask for in Antalya, impeccable nature, many historical sights and cultural events. Also known as Old Town, Kaleici is generally known from trips via City Tour in Antalya. This used to be a huge castle, home to thousands of people and was surrounded with city walls. Hadrian’s Gate, also known as Üçkapılar, is the last gate standing from 2000 years ago. Hidirlik Tower, Yivli Minare and the ancient clock tower all are over hundreds of years old and make up for great views to see. There's also an ancient Marina, which you can attend multiple Water Activities in Antalya from. The Ethnographic Museum, Bazaar and numerous private beaches also should be on your list of things to do in Antalya.

The Ancient City of Phaselis

This beautiful national park is a sight to see. The historical ruins and unique wildlife come together in harmony to welcome you. The city walls, aqueducts, Hadrian's Arch, Roman baths, Latrina, Ancient Theater, Basilica and Acropolis are all very well preserved and will make you feel like you are a local from 2600 years ago. Phaselis Beach is also a great place for water activities in Antalya such as diving.

The Church of Saint Nicholas

This famous town has visitors from all around the world, because the one and only Santa Claus was born here in Patara. During the reign of Roman Empire, he became the bishop of Myra. He was loved by his people and when he died in 343 AC, he was buried in the church you can now walk around as a historical sight. This place has now become a cathedral, where you can pray, explore and pay your respects to. We especially recommend visiting the tomb of Santa Claus if you're interested in historical places in Antalya, and since it's an ethereal place.

Ancient City of Myra

Myra is the place where the Church of Santa Klaus is, but it is also a very unique ancient site known for its rock-cut tombs and amphitheater. You can even travel here via a boat tour from Andriake, Cayagzi. Myra’s port, Andriake was once the most important and influential port of the Mediterranean. The sparkly sea and impeccable nature will be great to swim around and explore.

The Unique Termessos

The Ancient City of Termessos is a well preserved ancient city located 17 km north-west of Antalya, also known as Termessos National Park. This impressive settlement rich in fauna and flora is a beauty hidden in pine forests. The necropolis, or what we now call the graveyard of the city, Tomb of Alcetas, the Amphitheater, Temple of Artemis, Temple of Zeus and Odeon are all available for your exploration. Termessos is spread over a very large area and it's almost as good as new. Some of the most delightful culture tours in Antalya to attend take place here. If you're into history and want to learn more about Mediterranean ancient cities, you should pay a visit to Termessos. It is sadly impossible to cover all of Antalya’s history, but these 8 places are the most well preserved areas around. With good planning, it should be possible to explore them all. If you have any more questions about the historical sights of Antalya, we would be glad to help you.