9 Best Bays and Beaches in Antalya

Known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, Antalya is surrounded by the beautiful seaside of multiple bays and beaches that you must pay explore when you visit here. Thanks to the devotion of the locals, these places have been very well preserved. Each one consisting luxurious resorts, distinct wildlife, historic ruins and popular hotspots; let's take a look at the beaches in Antalya we think you must visit on your vacation.

Kaputaş Beach

This beach has everything you want when you're in the mood for a beautiful getaway, away from the crowds and busy city life; you can spend your day in Kaputaş, enjoy the refreshing ice cold water, sunbathe, go for a hike and even explore the Blue Grotto; a popular caving destination. The pictures you'll take of here will make for great memories and also, very likable Instagram posts.

Phaselis Bay

Ancient city of Phaselis is not just any bay, it's home to this beautiful city of Lycians from thousands of years ago. Consisting of three different beaches throughout the city, you can spend your stay in any or all of them as you wish. Swimming through the artifacts and ruins of an ancient life is now our only way to connect with our ancestors. So if you're looking for more sentimental and valuable excursions, not just as a water activity in Antalya but as exploration of a breathtaking touristic area, you should definitely spend a day in Phaselis.

Moonlight Beach

This enchanting sand and pebble beach located at the center of Kemer is great if you're also looking for amusement such as cafes, restaurants just around the core. The Moonlight Park and Yörük Nomad Park are also close by if you're interested in nature and adventure tours in Antalya. If you're looking for things to do in Kemer in this very popular area we would absolutely recommend swimming in the crystal and turquoise waters and sunbathing on the golden sand beach of Moonlight. Also being only walking distance to many hotels and resorts, this is one of the most convenient ways of having a satisfying experience when you're staying in Antalya.

Adrasan Bay

This hidden gem is located 50 km away from Kemer. Extending more than 2 km wide, Adrasan is one of the largest bays in Antalya. It is not very well known, so you should definitely visit if you are a fan of enjoying the quiet under warming sun, maybe even exploring the wildlife around the bay. Most of these bays and beaches are great for relaxation but Adrasan is one of the best, we can assure you.


Kekova is a very popular destination, attracting many nature lovers, locals and tourists every year. The island being the largest island of the Mediterranean also makes it here one of the most visited places in Antalya. This location gets its historical aspect from the sunken city of Dolichiste. Being home to numerous ancient sites such as Simena, Terimussa, Aperlai and many more; the unspoiled nature truly is one of its kind. Kekova is not just a beach or a bay, it's a grand island consisting of many areas worth visiting. The clean waters, untouched wildlife and ancient artifacts will make up for a great memory during your stay in Antalya.

Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach is a private beach at the center of Antalya, located near the city walls of Oldtown. Promising more than just swimming around, you can join a yacht tour at the marina right next to Mermerli, explore Oldtown, and even have a great meal while doing so. Many more activities and opportunities on your feet, so if you want to make the best of your time while spending a day in Antalya, give Mermerli Beach a chance.

Hidayet Bay

On the Mediterranean coast, there lies a small and intimate beach all yours to explore. Hidayet Bay is near Kas, a beautiful province of Antalya. Just like a family hideout, you can have a lovely time in Hidayet Bay, one of the most favored bays in Antalya. Great for diving, exploring the sea and relaxing away from the crowds. You will definitely have a great time, where the magical groves and the turquoise horizon of the Mediterranean sea meet.

Pirate Bay

A distinct stop on the famous Lycian Path, Pirate Bay is home to the Gelidonya Lighthouse and the ancient city of Melanippe. Known especially for the camping opportunities, you can do a whole lot more than just swimming at this natural paradise. Incredibly secluded from the rest of the area, Pirate Bay is surrounded with mountains, trees and the endless sea. We definitely recommend you visit this bay in Antalya.

Cayagzi Beach

Cayagzi is near the ancient city of Andriake, Demre. The city was the most important harbor point of the Mediterranean at one point in time, now retired and great for a swimming session with your loved ones. There are many boat trips in Antalya you can take to Cayagzi, which gives you opportunities to explore Kekova, Kalekoy and many more popular spots. Cayagzi Beach is surrounded with human-made structures but the turquoise waters take the crown in this area. All these tourist spots in Antalya serve their own purpose and have their own perks. So look them up carefully and decide which ones will be the best for your own enjoyment and satisfaction. We can assure you will have a great time on all of these different excursions in Antalya.

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