Where to go in Antalya

This city is home to countless ancient sites, natural bays, beaches and adventure centers. That is common knowledge. But where else can you go in Antalya? What other places are worth exploring and how can you get to know Antalya as a city? We’ve heard these questions many times and it is obvious Antalya is more than all of these popular tourist destinations, so we've made a list of places to visit in Antalya which covers all the beautiful opportunities this city offers.

Antalya Aquarium

As one of the biggest aquarium complexes of the world, Antalya Aquarium consists of 40 thematic aquariums, an Ice Museum, WildPark, OceanRide CD Cinema and the biggest tunnel aquarium of the world; 131 meters long and 3 meters wide. There are many child-friendly areas, dozens of restaurants and cafes, a souvenir shop and many more. If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Antalya, this is definitely one of them. A great addition to one of the daily tours in Antalya, make sure to go see this breathtaking place.

Water Parks in Antalya

There are lots of water parks here, and they all have their perks. For example, Antalya Aqualand Tour is first of its kind and famous for its dolphin shows. Another one, Land of Legends is known for its 6 pools and 40 different fun rides. There are also other adventure activities in Antalya, especially in this park such as a whole amusement park. Lastly, Dolusupark is known for its foamy pool parties and also for its unique entertainment shows. All of these places are easily accessible within the city and family friendly, so if you're looking for things to do in Antalya without sweating too much, all these places are great options.

Museums of Antalya

You probably already know this city is very rich in culture and history. There is an abundant number of museums which result in great day trips in Antalya. Antalya Archeology Museum is one of the most popular ones, having sections of prehistoric times to Greek statues from ancient cities. There are Suna Inan Kirac Museum and Antalya Toy Museum, both located in Oldtown; with great thematics at the city center. More than a dozen museums beneath your feet, and you don't have to visit them all of course but we are positive that there will be a couple of these Antalya museums just right for you. As a culture excursion in Antalya, you definitely cannot miss out on this opportunity.

The Artistic Side of Antalya

There are lots of workshops, galleries, festivals, exhibitions and concerts in Antalya throughout the year. Even though the exhibitions change from time to time; we recommend you pay a visit to Antalya Culture and Arts, a five story contemporary building with three exhibition halls, workshops and a cafe. There are also many independent galleries all around the city so make sure to check them out during your stay in Antalya. These places are great opportunities to spend an afternoon and get to know the city, especially if you're an art lover. Lastly, Antalya is simply way too big of a city for us to ever tell you enough about. There will always be more to see and explore. So make sure to thoroughly check out all the possibilities and make the best of your stay with daily excursions in Antalya like this.

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